ATOC Colloquium - Shared screen with speaker view
Hristo Chipilski
Thanks for this interesting talk, Lucas! I do not have mic access, so will write my question here. Do you think that the initialisation shocks created by the CNN method are one reason why the hybrid method cannot match the reference EnKF?
Hristo Chipilski
Thanks, could be interesting to have a particle filter as a reference and compare that against EnKF.
William Bertrand
Amazing job! Do you have any thoughts about the spring surface temperature trend in observations? Do you know if there's a large ensemble member which shows a similar spring trend? Do you think it's low-frequency variability?
William Bertrand
Awesome talk! I’m curious if you could say a bit more about the quality of the mean state in the “Earth-like" PPE members? Do you think that the EIS mechanism might not be present in the PPE because the perturbed cloud physics are potentially too unrealistic?
William Bertrand